Brandice L. Peltier

Hello art lovers, 

My name is Brandice Peltier and I am the sole artist, creator and owner of Brandice Peliter Art.
Welcome to my imagination.  Here you will always find a burst of color and texture through abstract figures. I work mainly in acrylics and watercolor with some mixed media on paper and canvas.

I'm used to writing, performing and directing as a means to express my creativity, but one day I needed a painting as a prop for a play that I wrote.  The character that I wrote was a painter, so I dusted off my box of acrylics to see what I could create. In that moment of art imitating life, I instantly fell in love with the ability to transfer the emotions of my performance work onto the canvas.  As a performer, I have always been a keen observer of the human condition. I study how we move, emote, express, fight, triumph, fall and eventually evolve . I use color and texture to explore the many stages of a person on her journey toward self liberation.  I believe that we are all seeking to set ourselves free of something. What does freedom really look like? How does it change a person over time? Is that journey toward self liberation always a beautiful journey? These are the themes that you will see explored in my work. My art is my contribution to the desire that we all have to be liberated. Let's get free.

If any of my work entices you, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm only a brush stroke away!